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Do you dream of exploring the country? To go wherever you want, whenever you want, without the constraints of carrying all your gear and essentials with you? Many people crave for this kind of getaway, the perfect way to explore, relax and enjoy the many wonders of the Australian Outback and countryside.

When you get out on the open road, however, you may find that hotels are few and far between. It’s possible that you might end up having to organise your exploring around where the nearest one is, and how long it will take you to get there. Why constrain yourself so much when you could buy a secondhand campervan to explore Australia instead?

Secondhand motorhomes and campers in Australia are the best ways to enjoy the country and the vast distances involved, particularly considering concerns around travelling by air at present. You can drive as much as you want, and when night comes, and fatigue starts to creep in, all the amenities needed are there for you to cook dinner, drink, relax and get a good nights’ sleep. It’s all there with you – shower and toilet included. (Plus avoiding the crowds and enjoy snoozing in comfort under the starry sky is an added bonus that not only saves you money, but also your sanity.)

Where to Buy a Quality Second Hand Motorhome in Australia

Sydney Caravans and Campers is the perfect place to hit the road and begin your campervan or motorhome adventure. With the combined experience of over 30 years in the industry, we can find the perfect vehicle for you with all the features and extras you may want for your travels – but without the big price tag.

Not only that, but we have some of the best examples of modern and low mileage second hand pop top campervans in Australia, all ready for you to check out at your convenience. All of our stock is ready for the road should you decide to buy from us, so there is no waiting involved.

We also have representatives across Australia who can safely transport your new RV to you if you cannot travel to our Sydney site – whilst adhering to all current Covid safety regulation.

In fact, a significant amount of customers come from interstate and it’s our excellent reputation for providing a trustworthy, safe and friendly service that has resulted in so many 5* reviews – which you can see on our site, Google or Facebook page. You might be thinking, however, why should I buy a secondhand motorhome when perhaps I should have a new one? Our answer to this is is thatbrand new motorhomes can be very expensive, and the second hand alternative can be significantly cheaper at only 50% of the new price, or even less.

When you add that fact to the high-quality examples we have in stock that are only a few years old, in excellent condition with low KMs and preloved by a genuine motorhome community enthusiast you get exceptional value for money.

We are always on the lookout for the best quality used and secondhand campervans and motorhomes from all over Australia, meaning we find prime examples that look new and are in excellent quality, but are significantly cheaper than buying new.

In fact we have a BUY-BACK service, which means a lot of our vehicles are sold back to us, having been cared for by a previous owner and customer that we already know and trust ourselves and stay in contact with during the course of their travels.

We personally hand pick all models and are particular about the condition of what we buy and sell plus who we buy from and sell to – which is why we are known for our point of difference in not having a huge car yard-style setup like some others with ‘anything and everything’ for sale but rather a select range of the best types to choose from.

All vehicles also come with a quality check provided, which we also personally oversee.

Our personable yet experienced and genuine passion plus extensive knowledge of motorhomes, campervans and RVs along with this beautiful country we are lucky to call home and we know ‘inside out’ makes us the top choice amongst the travelling campervan community, something we are very proud of.

Let us Search for Your Next Campervan, So You Don’t Have To

We use our vast experience to find and locate the very best examples of used campervans from all over the country. So why would you need to carry out a search yourself? We’ve already done all the hard work for you. Contact us on 02 9832 4372 or check out our comprehensive website that has many campers and motorhomes listed for your convenience  – or let us know what you’re after and we’ll be happy to try hunt one down on your behalf!

We’re always happy to assist you by answering questions about any of the vehicles listed on our site. Some popular models right now are the Fiat Ducato, Toyota Hiace, Avan Ovation and Jayco Conquest, however they do not last long so it’s best to give us a call for a friendly chat to discuss your needs and see if we can assist to get your travel plans going!

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