RV Owners 7 Times More Likely To Take A Campervan Holiday Australia

Campervan Holidays More Likely

Lucky you, oh, insightful campervan owner, oh, intrepid traveller! Tourism Research Australia has recently released a report stating that campervanners are more than seven times more likely to take a campervan holiday in Australia in the next three months than the rest of Australians.

Only 12% of the Australian population have plans to book a holiday in the next three months. Over 500,000 campervanners have indicated they are willing to take a road trip within two months.

This blessed segment of the Australian population promises to boost regional tourism, with regional tourism having slumped since the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The number of potential travellers looking to show the family a good time is huge. It would bring a significant boost to the NSW regional economy, with over $282 million expected to pour into the coffers of regional tourism operators, if this prediction manifests.

As Government restrictions start to ease off, many regional communities will be cheering as tourism opens up again. Most small towns in Australia rely on some form of tourism to remain productive and to employ local residents. There are over 711,000 RVs on the road and thousands of open-air campervan sites available across the state. The end of Coronavirus lockdown promises great things for regional towns.

According to the Campervan Industry of Australia, most holiday parks and camping grounds have implemented COVID-19-safe guidelines. Contact tracing, social distancing and increased hygiene facilities in common areas are maintaining the safety of patrons at campervan parks.

Taking a campervan or motorhome holiday can be a great way to get away from the stress and mess of city living. A campervan holiday is by far the best way to see the beautiful countryside of New South Wales, with plenty of coastal and inland spots available to peruse and almost every town in the state will have facilities to accommodate campervans and RVs.

Powered sites are common, allowing for a taste of modern luxury without the hefty hotel price. Cooking outdoors under the stars is a wonderful way to bring the family closer together plus a fantastic opportunity to enjoy great cuisine perhaps not often cooked at home.

Witness nature at its finest: birds, whales and kangaroos are everywhere if you know where to look. Do some research or head to the nearest tourism centre in the town you’re staying at. They’ll be able to provide more information about what to do and see at your destination.

If the kids are coming, you should bring along some fun activities to do on the road so that everyone is on their best behaviour. However, for the most part, you can rely on mother nature to present a bountiful offering with your crew amused and engaged for the duration of your holiday.

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