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5 Top Reasons to Visit the Tilba Region

Trade the hustle and bustle of city life for a short visit to the quaint villages of Central Tilba and Tilba Tilba in New South Wales. Take in the lush green hills, marvel at colonial architecture, shop to your hearts content at local boutiques and discover an incredible range of local produce in these beautiful heritage villages frozen in time. When you’ve had your fill, head back to your caravan in Narooma for your beach fix – it’s only a 15-minute drive away!

We reckon Tilba is a great place to visit because it’s got something for everyone, and it’s just a 5-hour drive from Sydney. Ease yourself into your caravan and camping adventures with a short trip to the beautiful Tilba region, here are the top 5 reasons to visit.

  • It’s a Foodies Paradise

If you love gourmet food, you’ll be right at home in Central Tilba. With a large array of pubs, wineries, cafes and the famous ABC Cheese Factory you’ll be spoiled for choice. Be sure to stop off at the Tilba Valley Winery & Alehouse to quench your thirst, sample some local wines and fill the belly.

When you get a craving for something sweet, make sure you stop off at the Tilba Sweet Spot and grab some delicious Mrs Jamieson’s Home Made Fudge. It will be the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea. 

  • Arts and Crafts 

If art and craft is more your scene, stop in at the Tilba Woodturning Gallery, Apma Creations and the Gulaga Gallery & Bookstore. You can browse an extensive range of antiques for sale, in addition to discovering traditional crafts and contemporary art and jewellery. Browsing the local shops and galleries is a great way to spend an afternoon, and no matter what your tastes may be – you are bound to find something wonderful in Central Tilba and Tilba Tilba. 

  • Great base for exploring the South Coast of NSW

The Tilba region is a great base for your South Coast adventure. It’s just a 15-minute drive from Narooma, and you’ve also got access to the Wadbillinga National Park, Brogo Wilderness Area, Deua, Bournda and South East Forest National Parks within 1-2 hours drive. This makes for a more versatile trip, giving you the opportunity to enjoy historic inland villages in addition to beautiful beaches and some of Australia’s finest national parks. 

  • Majestic Gulaga National Park

Mount Gulaga (Formerly known as Mount Dromadery) is a sight to behold, rising proudly above Central Tilba. You’ll also find plenty of hiking tracks and a diverse mix of flora and fauna within the Gulaga National Park. It’s a great place to explore, don’t forget to bring your camera.  

  • Step Back in Time

From the moment you enter Tilba Tilba or Central Tilba, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Both villages feature beautiful Colonial buildings as well as indigenous artefacts including rocks (known as Tors) which tell the creation story and can be found all around the region. The Tilba villages were added to the National Trust in 1974, so all buildings are preserved in their unique form and are full of character and charm. 

Where to Stay

It is best to park your caravan or motorhome in Narooma or the Mystery Bay campground and drive in for the day. There is limited parking available in Central Tilba, so arrive early if you want to secure a spot. 

Upcoming Events 

The Tilba Easter Festival is one of the biggest events of the year, so now’s the perfect time to start planning your trip! The festival is held on April 20th, and it will be packed to the brim with performances, food stalls, shopping, parades, games, prizes and so much more. 

The Tilba Markets are held on Saturday mornings in Central Tilba, and they are not to be missed. There is an abundance of local produce, crafts, freshly baked bread, flowers, jams and more to discover. Pick up some supplies and take them back to your van for afternoon tea or enjoy a picnic somewhere scenic. 

To learn more about the beautiful Tilba region, visit Tilba Online. The Visit Tilba website is also a great resource for planning your journey. 

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The Question: Motorhome or Caravan?

Do you love travelling? Do you love exploring your backyard and beyond? Have you ever wondered about the dividing topic – Caravan vs motorhome? We certainly have come across it in our personal life and because we sell used motorhomes in Sydney. That is why we thought to provide you with some information around this topic.

To make the right decision as to what is best for you:

  • Take a step back and have a look at the basics.
  • Have a think about how you want to use your motorhome or caravan.
  • Who will be travelling:
    • Single traveller
    • Multiple adults
    • Kids/Grandchildren (all the time/occasionally)

Keeping this in mind check out our motorhome vs caravan Australia pro and cons!


  • Easy to drive.
  • Sit up high and enjoy the views.
  • Easy to park.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy Peasy.
  • Get your chairs out and enjoy a drink.

….. However, if you stay in one location for a longer:

  • Exploring can become a challenge.
  • Every time you want/need to go for a drive: pack it all up.
  • Storage: Consider the hight of MH and exposure to elements.


  • Towing can be a challenge: The view from the car added with extra-long length to deal with and knowing how much room you need to manoeuvre around tight roads can take a lot of getting used to.
  • Make sure you have the right car for the right caravan. Do not underestimate the weight of a caravan.
  • Parking can be a challenge.
  • Reverse multiple times to get it into the right spot.
  • Uncouple the Caravan and potentially park the car in a different spot and then 
  • Hook up essentials.

….. However, if you stay in one location for a longer:

  • All you need to do is take your car and explore, leave the caravan parked.
  • No unpacking the whole campsite every time you leave.
  • It feels more like a home.
  • Usually easier to store as they are not as high as motorhomes.


  • Usually more expensive than a caravan.
  • To find out if a motorhome is the right thing for you either rent one or buy a second-hand one first. This won’t break the bank.
  • Reselling your motorhome at a higher price than a caravan.
  • Last for a longer time without having to upgrade/exchange for a new one. 
  • Registration.
  • Insurance.


While a caravan might be cheaper, do not forget 

  • To factor in the cost of the car. Having the right car to tow your caravan is critical when it comes to the safety or you and anyone travelling with you, not even mentioning the rules around road safety etc. 
  • The size and weight of the caravan will add to the fuel consumption
  • Additional items such as a weight-distribution hitch, friction coupling and others might be required. 
  • Caravans depreciate at a higher/faster rate than the big brother. 
  • Upgrading/exchanging your caravan might happen faster than you think, depending of course on how much you use it.
  • Registration.
  • Insurance.

So what are the top 5 reasons for second-hand motorhomes?

  1. Safety. 
  2. To be able to quickly slip behind the wheel and drive off whenever you want or need to.
  3. Length of stay. When you only stay a maximum of three nights packing up a motorhome is a lot easier than packing up a caravan.
  4. Layout – front seats swivel round to form part of a living area.
  5. Ongoing costs – only one vehicle to insure and fuel consumption is lower than if towing.

Will you join Team Caravan or  Motorhome?

Take your time to check out all the details you can before buying one or the other. Make sure you talk to reputable businesses, go for a testdrive and consider to buy second-hand first.

We are sure you will have lots of fun checking everything out and of course, we’d love to help you find your perfect matching second-hand Motorhome!

Would you like to add anything to our basic list? Please feel free to comment or send us an email.

SCC Team

Camping with Kids & Hidden Gems in NSW

Why do we love to travel? Why do we love camping? Why do we escape the cities? Perhaps it reminds us of the times when we were kids and our parents took us on trips around Australia. Or maybe it is because it gives us a sense of freedom, leaving time behind us? Whatever the reason is, at some stage in our life we will make decisions on the way we camp. Our age and situation in life will be critical when we start looking at the various options of exploring. 

We are a family of 5, including our furry dog Bear. And we love exploring. With this article, we’d love to share some experiences and hidden spots for your next adventure. So no matter what age you are, I am sure you will find some exciting things to take home.

Discover 3 Hidden Gems in NSW

{Tip #1 Southern Highlands}:

So in the April School Holidays, we took our little one Abba ( 3 years back then) camping for two nights on one of the local farm stays in Canyonleigh – Morton Park Farm. Great little spot if you want to just be by yourselves and enjoy being outdoors and experience the beautiful sky at night.

Turned out that in April it still gets pretty cold and I totally underestimated that. But it was beautiful; we had a campfire going the whole day and had sausages that we grilled over the campfire on sticks that we selected from the bush around us. No nasty creepy critters annoyed us – one advantage to travelling in the colder months.

We were so excited about our first real camping experience and immediately started planning our next one. Mind you we did get a puppy in between so this time it had to be dog-friendly for our little Bear to come with us.

A wee bit chilly but so much fun!

Let me tell you, this is a great spot to take your Motorhome orCampervan onto a farm stay. Plenty of space to choose from. The benefit for you would be to have all your amenities with you and can ‘camp’ further away from the hustle.

{Tip #2 Dubbo}:

Viral Asthma and camping? We must have been mad. But, October School Holidays here we come! One of our girls has asthma and of course, she was sick the days leading up to this trip. Hospital the day we left for camping to double-check her cough, make sure she was still ok to go and a few hours later we made the call to give it a go! No risk no fun, right????

Whaaaaat was I thinking? We made it to our farm stay near Dubbo, beautiful place again! Lovely people and the property Pine View Camping & Farmstay is just beautiful. The day ended with pitching tents, not in the greatest moods I must say, but we made it and finally tucked the kids into their sleeping bags, to have a well-deserved drink with our friends.

The morning was gorgeous, the place was secluded but not out of reach. The farm owners, Sue and Matt, took the kids to feed the animals on the farm, an absolute ball for the kids. The adults properly sorted out the campsite only to find two holes at the bottom of the tent.

Could anything else go wrong??? Oh mind you yes – the so desperately needed rain was forecast: What to do? One sick kid, forecast temperature with only 14 for the day, rain and two dogs going crazy…. My mind was running overtime. I didn’t want to be the person to call the shots? Couldn’t someone else tell me what to do?????

Well, to be honest, the second night didn’t get better for us. I just felt crap but the 4 kids were looking forward to Dubbo Zoo (me too actually)…..

Dubbo Zoo was a pretty amazing experience, riding around on bikes with the kids and looking at all the animals was fun. But our eldest just got worse during the day and on our way back we decided to pack up. The rain was coming and we didn’t want her to get even worse besides having to cope with wet dogs and coldish temperatures the next day.

After 2 nights of what should have been 4, we packed up and left the beautiful campsite! Crying disappointed kids, exhausted adults and 5 hours to drive home. Lesson: A Motorhome would have been so much better! We would have had heating, a dry inside to warm up and play cards. This farm stay is pretty amazing and I would say any Motorhome or Campervan will love it here.

{Tip #3 Barrington Tops}:

Wouldn’t you think we would have had enough by now? Well, guess what we aimed for?  Another camping adventure! We stayed at Riverwood Downs a dog-friendly campsite close to Barrington Tops and we had a ball! Yes we had our struggles, with setting up a tent and one child vomiting for one afternoon and the other one having a temperature for a day as well, but we stuck it out! So much fun. Playing in the little river, splashing around all day just the right thing to do in Summer!

Motorhome and Campervan lovers: This campsite is just beautiful and accommodates all types of vehicles. Amazing amenities, activities and restaurants for those with or without dogs. Off-season it is pretty relaxing and few people around.

Camping with Kids is a lot of fun. All you need to be is prepared and have the right accommodation. We’d love to support you in finding the right fit. So, get in touch now and call us on 02 9832 4372 for your new Motorhome.

Have a Great Day!



PS: We always love to see some happy snaps of your travels. So please send us some of your pictures or tag us on Facebook

The Advantages of Caravanning around Australia

There’s simply no better way to see Australia than to load up the caravan and hit the road. You don’t even need a destination in mind, all you need to bring is your sense of adventure and a willingness to take things as they come. You never know what you’ll come across during a caravan trip, and with Australia home to some of the most pristine beaches, incredible natural wonders and array of native wildlife; you’re bound to enjoy some unforgettable experiences which you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

Perhaps you are new to camping and caravanning, or maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past. Don’t worry, in this blog post we’ll be highlighting some top tips to make your trip unforgettable, and we’ll also highlight some of the most popular destinations worthy of your consideration.


The Benefits of Caravanning in Australia

Here at Sydney Caravans and Campers, we want to inspire your adventurous spirit and help you find true freedom on the open road. No matter whether you opt for a motorhome, camper or caravan these all have one thing in common – they allow unlimited freedom. Because you’re free to explore at your own pace, you can choose when, where and how you go about setting up camp.

Perhaps you’d like to play it safe and stick to designated campgrounds, and that’s great! If you’re up for an adventure, you can seek out your own spots off the beaten path. The choice is up to you, and before long we’re sure you’ll start to appreciate the many benefits of caravanning in Australia. Here are a few reasons why we’re such big fans:

  • Holiday on a budget – whilst the initial cost of a caravan, motorhome or camper may seem daunting, it will provide unlimited freedom. No more spending money on hotels, you’ve got everything you need within your own self-contained unit on wheels. For the times you aren’t using it, you can hire it out for extra income.
  • Get off The Beaten Path – discover places you wouldn’t normally be able to visit, whether due to location or lack of public amenities. Stay in National Parks, free camp or park up at the local caravan park, every day is an adventure.
  • Memories that Last a Lifetime – throughout your travels you will see incredible places and meet some amazing people, and these memories will last a lifetime.
  • Options to Suit Everyone – whether you’re after a campervan, caravan or a luxury motorhome, there’s something to suit every taste and budget.
  • Independence – whether on your own or with loved ones, caravanning brings with it a sense of freedom and independence you can’t get anywhere else. It’s the thrill of the open road and knowing you can go anywhere, any time without having to give up the comforts of modern life.

Top Destinations in Australia

Some of the most popular caravan destinations in Australia include:

  • The Blue Mountains
  • Port Arthur
  • The Barossa Valley
  • The Great Ocean Road
  • The Gold Coast
  • The Kimberley
  • The Grampians
  • The Daintree
  • Kakadu
  • Margaret River

All of the above sites offer stunning scenery and a uniquely Australian experience, and they’re just perfect for exploring by caravan. Whilst much of eastern Australia has experienced bushfire, there are many areas now reopening for business, and these communities could sure use your support.

The Keep on Camping website has been established to provide current information on the status of caravan parks in fire affected regions. This resource will prove invaluable in the planning of your caravan or camping trip, and it’s also a great place to read some local stories from fellow travellers to fire affected regions.

The 3 Essential Considerations

You should never rush your decision to head out on a caravan trip or purchase a caravan. You should always take the following into account:

Planning – You don’t have to have a destination in mind just yet, but it’s still a good idea to think about the areas you would like to see, some of the campgrounds you’d like to stay at, who will be coming on the trip and what time of year you’ll be heading out. Once you’ve got a rough itinerary in place, you’ll feel a lot more relaxed and confident about heading out.

Type of Caravan and Tow Vehicle – Think about the type and size of caravan you need. Some caravans are purpose built to go off-road, which generally means heavy duty tyres and solid construction. Think about the features you want, for example toilet/shower facilities. You also need to consider your vehicle – is it capable of towing the caravan you’re looking at?

The best thing to do is head along to a caravan and camping expo. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with choice, pick up the phone and give us a call and one of our friendly team members will help find the right model for your needs.

Safety – Ensure you have a strong understanding of all safety regulations, towing guidelines and the weight/dimensions of your caravan. You should also ensure you’ve got First Aid and emergency equipment ready to pack, such as a satellite phone and GPS system. Keeping up to date with safety regulations will ensure a safe and happy trip for you and all other road users.

The above considerations are by no means exhaustive, and you’ll no doubt have a million thoughts running through your brain before you embark on your adventure. The important thing is not to worry. Remember that everyone was a first-time camper/caravanner and that you’ll figure things out on the road. Before you know it, you’ll be a seasoned caravanner providing all the best advice to your friends and family.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore this amazing country by caravan, your next adventure is calling!


Looking to Buy a Caravan or Need Assistance? Contact Sydney Caravans and Campers Today

We’re passionate about helping customers find the right caravan for their lifestyle and budget, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02 9832 4372. We’ll give you the time and respect you deserve, and we promise to make the buying experience a pleasant one.

Your Australia Wide Location for Second Hand Campervans and Motorhomes

Would you believe that campervans and motorhomes are a great investment? Would you believe that second-hand campervans are an Australia wide phenomenon? Would you believe that many others, instead of buying brand new, are throwing in with the second-hand motorhome trend Australia wide? If you know anything about campervans and motorhomes, that information may not surprise you. If you aren’t knowledgeable about the inherent value of these majestic modes of transport, though, you might be scratching your head. Don’t worry, Sydney Campervans & Campers, sellers of second-hand motorhomes Australia wide, has got some information on why a second-hand campervan makes for a great purchase for anyone who might be taking a journey in the future.

How Popular Are Second Hand Motorhomes Australia Wide?

Quite. If you’ve done your research, you’re likely aware that many people enjoy the campervans and motorhomes for many reasons. The freedom and flexibility that they provide when you’re on holiday are incredible. It’s a home away from home suitable for providing some of the comforts and pleasures of your domicile while you cruise around on the open road. Having your own campervan can afford you with a sense of security, always knowing you’ll have a place to stay while travelling that is truly yours. Whether you’re taking a week off to ride along the beaches, or heading elsewhere to see the sights, it will always feel like an adventure filled with magical moments when you have your campervan or motorhome to accompany you along the way.

The drawback, in some cases, is that a fresh from the factory motorhome can run up the costs. Why pay so much when you can get something with equal quality for less? A second-hand campervan, Australia wide, is one of the best ways to get what you want at the best and most reasonable price around. When buying that second-hand campervan, however, you can’t just go anywhere. Not everyone has a great selection, and not every supplier will understand the intricacies of pre-owned motorhomes in a way that allows them to break things down for their clients. Luckily, though, we’re here to bridge that gap and provide a dedicated service for those looking for second-hand campervans and motorhomes.

Who Sells Second Hand Campervans Australia Wide?

Sydney Campervans & Campers is your go-to spot for second-hand motorhomes Australia wide. If you are looking for the best models at the best prices, you should do yourself a favour and come check out our selection. We are what you might term “pre-owned experts,” meaning we know how to source a broad range of previously owned vehicles, and we are aware how to keep them in tip-top shape for future buyers. Each of our pre-owned campervans or motorhomes are checked and tested by one of the industry’s leading technicians, meaning you can rest assured anything you buy from us has been put through its paces and assessed for its road-worthiness. Give us a call today on 02 9832 4372 for more information.

Finding a Secondhand Campervan or Motorhome in Sydney

If you are a traveller longing to see the countryside from the point of view that you can’t get from staying at a hotel, seeing Australia’s beauty from a secondhand campervan or second-hand motorhome could be your new favourite way to take a trip. Travelling doesn’t get much more freeing than making a trip in a campervan or motorhome. The possibilities are endless to the places you can see, things you can experience, and the people you will meet along the way who probably share similar interests and stories.

Secondhand Campervans Offer an Affordable Way to See the Country

There is nothing like being able to plan a holiday without the burden of needing a car rental, plane ticket or hotel reservation. You will be able to affordably travel to places you’ve always wanted to see without time limits or planes to catch. You can turn a simple camping trip into a unique adventure for the whole family. You will have the freedom of deciding when and where you want to go without worrying about places being booked at popular travel times each year or not having a safe place to stay every night.

Picture your next dream trip, by visiting the pre-owned campervan and motorhome experts at Sydney Caravans and Campers located in in the middle of greater Sydney near Blacktown right next to the major M7 freeway. We’re easy to get to from any direction, and all of our stock is ready to go or available for immediate delivery. Airport collection service, campervan and motorhome trades and financing options are also available.

Choices, choices, choices

Buying a second-hand campervan or second-hand motorhome can be a hard decision, but with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Sydney Caravans and Campers can help make the decision easier (and exciting!) for you. We search the country so you don’t have to. We have a friendly, relaxed environment and will give you the time and respect that you deserve. You will never be just a number at Sydney Caravans and Campers. We want to get to know you and your travelling needs so that our experts can recommend the right RV for you.

Buying pre-owned is a great option for any budget because you can find the best models at the best prices. Buying a secondhand RV is also much more convenient than needing a rental for spontaneous or last-minute trips. You will get to decide when you want to go on a new adventure, and you can make spur-of-the-moment choices on how long you will be gone without any restrictions.

All of Sydney Caravans and Campers’ secondhand campervans and secondhand motorhomes are workshop checked and tested by the industry’s best technician so you can drive away knowing that you and your family will be safe on the road.

Sydney Caravans and Campers will be your first and last stop for finding the perfect pre-owned campervan or motorhome. Let us make the experience fun, exciting and stress-free for you. Visit or call our campervan and motorhome experts today and let us help you decide the freedom of your next travels.

High-Quality Second Hand Campervans and Motorhomes in Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, home to millions of people on top of being a popular tourist destination. If you are a tourist, whether domestic or international, have you thought about what you might want to do while you are here? Perhaps you’d like to relax on the magnificent sandy beaches this city boasts, or maybe you’d prefer to stay in a high-rise a hotel with a view from the balcony of the stunning city skyline. Maybe you’re more of a party animal with a love for nightlife, or you might be the kind of person that likes to enjoy luxury via fine dining and sipping champagne in one of this city’s many classy bars by the river.

Alternatively, you might be more of the adventure type with a passion for all things natural. Maybe your idea of a proper holiday is to do some real travelling, but the costs of hotels and transport will soon add up. We suggest you consider buying a campervan to eliminate costs. Of course, right now you’re probably thinking the cost of campervans far outweighs the costs of hotels and transport, but that might not necessarily be true if you buy second hand. At Sydney Caravans and Campers, we supply high-quality second-hand campervans in Brisbane so that you can enjoy a camping holiday at a fraction of the cost.

Second Hand Motorhomes in Brisbane

If you are considering purchasing a second-hand campervan in Brisbane, you’ll need to take a few factors into consideration. You don’t want to end up buying a motorhome that will consistently break down; you don’t want to pay through the roof for a used vehicle; and, you want to purchase your campervan from a reputable supplier who is always on hand for services and tweaks if necessary.

Our motorhomes are of a very high quality, checked by our technicians to make sure they’re in full working order and spruced up to make them appear as if they’re brand new. We want you to feel confident that if you buy a second-hand motorhome in Brisbane, you won’t even be able to tell it’s already provided a previous owner with holidays they’ll never forget.

Our campervans feature all the amenities you need to enjoy a little luxury because you can hardly call a motorhome a home if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Second-hand doesn’t mean outdated; it just means it’s provided happiness to somebody before you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our staff have a combined experience of 30 years sourcing the best campervans from all across Australia and then selling them to you, the passionate traveller, for an unbeatable price. We got into this business because we have a genuine adoration for freedom and new experiences, and we want to share them with you by offering the best second-hand motorhomes in Brisbane. We’re more than happy to deliver to your location, so get in touch with us now to find out how we make exploration simple. Give us a call on 02 9832 4372 today!

Buy First-Class, Fully-Restored Used Motorhomes and Campervans in Australia

It might be something you take for granted, but you are truly lucky to be a citizen of Australia. Many people would love to belong to this vast and expansive country, and it’s no wonder when you think about just how much we have to explore. Sydney is famous for its world-renowned Opera House, Melbourne has its diversity and proximity to the wonderful island of Tasmania, and then there’s Perth which is a vibrant and immense city located thousands of miles from them both on the west coast. Here we’ve mentioned Australia’s ultra-modern cities in a list without even casting a thought to the outback, our beautiful vineyards and Ayers Rock.

So, we’ve established that there’s a tonne of things to here in this fantastic country, but as you can imagine, seeing everything isn’t easy to accomplish, especially when you consider the distance between all the major hotspots. The question is, how can you see as much as possible in one lifetime? Sure, you could fly from city to city, but that won’t let you bask in the nature offered by the countryside. Instead, we suggest you buy a campervan or a motorhome. If you think that’s too expensive, we have the perfect solution.

Buy a Used Motorhome in Australia

Instead of looking into brand new motorhomes that could cost you an arm and a leg, you could consider a different option – buy a used motorhome in Australia. Of course, used to some people is a word synonymous with finished, but many people choose to sell the campervans a long time before they’ve passed their sell-by date. The primary challenge is finding a motorhome that is still of an amazing quality, but if you buy a used campervan in Australia from us, it’s a challenge you’re not required to tackle yourself.

At Sydney Caravans and Campers, we use our combined 30 years of industry experience to source only the finest used motorhomes across all of Australia. We don’t want to sell you an outdated campervan that will struggle to take you past the first mile; we want to make sure you buy a vehicle that promises to take you everywhere you want to go in the Land Down Under. We ensure that if you buy used campervans in Australia from us, you’ll be able to travel far and wide for years to come absorbing all the sights and experiences this land has to offer.

Make Your Travelling Dreams Come to Life

Motorhomes and campervans offer an eye-opening experience that hotels and flights simply can’t. They offer unparalleled freedom on top of accommodation and transport in one package to give you the flexibility to both travel and sleep wherever you like. Our country has an abundance of campsites for vehicles and tents alike, and you’ll meet so many like-minded people along the way as you traverse a great nation. If you’re looking to buy used motorhomes in Australia, you needn’t look any further.

Buy Fantastic Used Campervans and Motorhomes Australia Wide

The best time to go travelling – in many people’s opinion – is while you’re young. If you are in your early 20s and have just finished university, you can take advantage of a gap year to explore the world before you enter the world of work. It’s the time where you have a lack of responsibilities that most of us have, and you may as well make the most of it before you gain a thorough understanding of the pressure those responsibilities put on you.

Now is your chance to experience new cultures, meet new friends, and see some fantastic sights that the world has to offer. If you’re not sure of which country you should travel to, you really ought to consider Australia, because there are so many things to do in the continent-sized country that you’ll always find fresh exploration ideas.

But what is the best way to travel far and wide in this expansive country? You could opt to make endless trips to the airport and fork out for hotels or guesthouses every time you want to settle down. Or, you could buy a used campervan Australia wide, and truly soak in the magnificent sights that many people will never witness. At Sydney Caravans and Campers, we have the perfect used campervans or motorhomes, all equipped with all the amenities you need to stay on the road.

Why and How you should Buy Used Campervans Australia Wide

The reason you should look into used campervans and motorhomes is in large part because it will allow you to make a huge saving when compared to the cost of buying brand new. You’ll need to make sure that what you buy is in excellent condition to ensure you won’t have to pay for expensive repairs. You’ll also need to make sure it contains all the amenities you need, and that you’re not paying over the odds.

It can be difficult to gauge how much you should pay for a second hand motorhome or campervan if you don’t know too much about the industry or even the original asking price when the vehicle was new. If you’re not a technician, it can be difficult to know whether the vehicle is in good condition, because it comes down to more than just number of previous owners and amount of miles driven. Plus, you might think you can survive with just the most basic of amenities, but you don’t know what you might miss if you spend a long time on the road.

So, how do you do it? If you want to buy a used motorhome Australia wide, you should trust us because we have over 30 years of experience sourcing the best campervans and motorhomes in the whole of Australia. Plus, our technicians have an extensive and varied skill set to make sure the vehicle you buy is in top condition.

Trust the Professionals when you Want to Buy Used Motorhomes Australia Wide

If you’re looking to buy used campervans Australia Wide, there’s no better company to call than us. We can deliver to any destination, we guarantee quality, and most important of all, we source the very best vehicles with all the luxuries you need. Get in touch with us now to find out exactly what we can do for you.

Only Settle for the Best when you Want to Buy Used Campervans and Motorhomes in Sydney

There is nothing we look forward to more than a holiday with the whole family. Holidays provide us with the chance to connect with each other and bond in new ways while sharing new experiences. They offer us the opportunity to see new sights, mix with new people, and experience new cultures. Of course, home is where the heart is, and there’s no better place to live than the wonderful city of Sydney. Every so often, however, it’s good to go on a real travelling adventure and take the kids along to see something new and unfamiliar.

What’s your typical idea of a holiday? Maybe you think of vacations as a chance to go and unwind in a luxury hotel with a pool, or perhaps you like to travel from destination to destination because let’s face it, holidays are few and far between. If you want to experience the unfamiliar, you ought to look to buy a used motorhome in Sydney.

You might be asking yourself why buy used? What if the campervan or motorhome is in poor condition and my whole family ends up stuck in the middle of nowhere? How much are the repairs going to cost? How do I know I’m not paying too much when I know very little about motorhomes or caravans?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. At Sydney Caravans and Campers, we have a combined 30 years of experience sourcing only the best from every corner of Australia.

Why You Should Buy Used Campervans in Sydney

If you want to buy a used campervan in Sydney but don’t know the first thing about motorhomes or caravans, we are here to help. We source used vehicles at the best price and then our technicians make sure they’re in top condition before we make them available to buy.

Also, though our business location is in Sydney, we have the ability to deliver to any other major city in Australia. We’re here to give you peace of mind that when you’re looking to buy used motorhomes in Sydney, you don’t need to worry about whether or not the vehicle will stand the test of time, or whether it contains all the luxuries you’ll need for the road.

At the end of the day, we only settle for the best, and we’re so passionate about travel and exploration that we want to make it affordable for everybody, and we understand that buying brand new is sometimes simply not an option.

The Benefits of Travelling by Road

Why should you purchase a campervan or motorhome? The answer is simple: because they provide you with a home away from home and transportation in one luxurious package, and there is simply no better way to absorb the unique sights offered by this land than to travel by road in a vehicle that provides you with optimum comfort.

If you want to know more about how we source our vehicles, what’s best for you and what other services we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff.

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